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The Unicorn Membership is a monthly subscription to our kidYOUniversity online platform that nurtures the genius and loving spirit within each child. The Unicorn Membership includes digital content, animated personal growth courses, and access to all printables, comics, and activities we offer. We become apart of the village helping you to raise and teach your unicorns. 

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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." ~Aristotle

Challenge Kits

Growth Mindset Challenge kit (ages 6-12)

"I'll never get it right!" "Everyone else is better than me." Sound familiar? The beauty of teaching children to have a growth mindset is that it empowers them to have unshakeable confidence and courage. They see obstacles as ways that their brains can grow. These are the lessons every child (and adult) should learn.

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Self Love Challenge Kit (ages 6-12)

It is important to empower children to overcome negative self-talk and to believe in themselves. This 5 day activity-based challenge encourages children to believe in themselves, embrace mindfulness activities, and develop healthy habits.

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Connection and Confidence Challenge Kit (ages 6-12)

This 5 day activity-based challenge makes it a snap to help kids to feel understood while also empathizing with the needs of family members and other children which will help them to feel valued, loved, and proud of their differences.

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Digital Courses

Children are more capable than they have ever been taught to believe!

Like the Netflix of Personal Growth for kids! 

Cartoons that teach your child meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, ways to spread kindness and more. Students learn soft skills, such as how to battle negative beliefs, conflict resolution, and mindset shifting from some of the best coaches and teachers worldwide. The aim is to empower children with personal growth tools to develop a lifestyle while they are still young. 

Meditations for kids

Personal Growth Comics

Growth Mindset Comic

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Connection Comics (Bundle)

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Growth Mindset Comic (The Power of Yet)

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Self Care Comics

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Confidence Comic

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Growth Mindset Mail Service


Mission mail comes in different forms to keep your child guessing and excited. Sometimes it is in the form of a letter. Other times, it is a post card from a special country with a special prize. You choose how you would like your child to receive it! Mission mail is delivered twice a month (YES, to your door!) and can be listened to and/or read online every other day. Sign up for mission mail today! (Our favorite version is physical mail. We love to slip in extra unicorn goodies!)


Music to keep on "repeat"

Check out our Hip Hop Affirmations for kids! 

The words that we say to ourselves are powerful. Unfortunately, we are often compelled to discover the power of our words and ways to evolve our mindsets after experiencing pain or conflict. But, what if we equipped our children with the tools needed to deal with adversity beforehand? Bathroom Besties is a reminder that your child's "bestie" is always a mirror away. It promotes self love, while also providing easy to remember affirmations in a fun, modern way.
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