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Self Love that kids understand

Perfect for young ones 6 - 12. This colorful comic help to normalize the the concept of self care and love. Read the comic with your child or students. Engage in a discussion about what self care looks like for you and engage in a self care experience.

This engaging  kid-friendly comic helps to introduce Self Care to children in a fun way that is perfect for their attention spans. 


Self Care is a concept that we often decide to develop once we are older in age and have experienced some form of trauma or heart-break. We often experience this as reactive learning rather than proactive. However, learning to engage in self-care early on equips children with confidence to understand negative patterns, toxic experiences, and even inappropriate behaviors early on. Self-love is a superpower. 

It's something we all wish we were taught when we were much younger. 

Let's make self love the NEW NORMAL.


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