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The Most Enthusiastic Online Course- Ever!

“My favorite things” is far from your average writing course! It’s a digital course that includes cartoon animations and teaches young learners to craft paragraphs about things that they like.  The instructor, Gahmya Drummond-Bey, is an award-winning curriculum designer, who has taught this course live for over five years in South Korea.  The course was then expanded to Japan before being taught worldwide to over 2,000 students. The same curriculum can be used for students as young as five and as old as nine because it teaches the foundation of paragraph writing.  In fact, it’s so simple, yet results-producing, that many parents have admitted using it to study themselves.  This course is especially useful for children who are learning English as their second language.  

Tip: When using this course, be sure to encourage your child to interact with the teacher.  Stand up.  Answer the questions.  Read your paragraph aloud. Talk to the screen.  Enjoy the experience.  High-five your child and offer lots of praise for being active.

Hey there! I'm Gahmya!

Ready to give your child the BEST introduction and to writing possible? Start here!

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You're child can do much more than they are often allowed to do.

My name is Gahmya. I have traveled the world, to over 90 countries, and designed learning programs in over 30 countries. One thing I know for sure is that we often limit children's ability to express themselves by 1.) Not introducing them to writing earlier on and 2.) lacking enthusiasm and encouragement when new skills are introduced. 

Give this course a try...even if you THINK it's too tough! 


What Parents have said...

The Magic...

Ideal Ages


(However, this course is also great for children as young as 5 with parental encouragement. In fact, this course was built with 4 and 5 year olds!)

Ideal Time Needed

Each lesson is less than 30 minutes and includes writing time in the lesson. Many students take the course once a week; however, I recommend twice a week to keep it fun.  

What Makes This Course Special...

Other than the super fun animations, the course is high energy, includes space for creativity and art in each lesson, and it has micro-lessons, so progress is seen every lesson.

Ready to get started?

Oh! I absolutely cannot wait for you to see your child's eyes light up! 

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