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Mission Mail is Growth Mindset mail Created to Motivate your Child.

Mission mail comes in different forms to keep your child guessing and excited. Sometimes it is in the form of a letter. Other times, it is a post card from a special country with a special prize. You choose how you would like your child to receive it! Mission mail is delivered twice a month (YES, to your door!) and can be listened to and/or read online every other day. Sign up for mission mail today! (Our favorite version is physical mail. We love to slip in extra unicorn goodies!)

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Mission Mail can be emailed


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Mission Mail can be delivered as REAL MAIL


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Mission mail can be streamed using Amazon Alexa or an Echo device


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Growth Mindset Emails sent directly to your child

You've got mail! Help your child to create their own email address. They will receive regular missions, FLEARNING (Fun Learning), and reminders to be their best selves. The emails also include links to audios, just in case your child would rather listen to their mission mail.

You've got REAL mail! 

Kids LOVE mail and we love sending it to them! Our mission mail includes Growth Mindset goals and motivation generated directly from our conversations with our kid ambassadors. We also LOVE to send post cards and messages from countries around the world (And special kidYOU Swag!) Physical Mission Mail is a parent fave and a kidyou kid DELIGHT! 

Mission Mail Can Be Streamed anytime

Do you have an Amazon Alexa or Echo Device at home? Listen to our mission mail streamed directly into your home or car by enabling "Mission Mail" (for FREE) here: Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing

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Kids around the world look forward to receiving mission mail as REAL mail! 

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