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The kidYOUniversity platform gives your young learner access to the type of courses that you may have wished you'd had when you were younger. It is a conscious platform that embraces both conscious parenting and evolved teaching. 

With a kidYOUniversity membership, you not only have access to downloadable activities, but courses that your young learner can take at their own pace, and interactive challenge events that gives them an opportunity to be motivated and learn in a community.

This is the type of education that you imagined. 

For less than $2 a day.

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Feel Seen, Heard, Valued, Supported, and Adored

KidYOUniversity courses are created in collaboration with kids to keep all content relatable and based on what your young learner REALLY needs in the way they want to receive it. 

Created for kids. Designed with kids. In a way that INSPIRES, ENLIGHTENS, and!

We are KIDyouniversity after all!

How kidYOUniversity Works:


Learning that speaks to kids' REAL PRESENT and prepares them for their REAL FUTURE

School forgot. But, we didn't.

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Learn at your own pace.

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  • Access all courses (kids are calling them "Shows") and content
  • Watch on your laptop, TV, phone or tablet
  • LIVE challenges and digital downloads

One Low Price


  • Access all courses (kids are calling them "Shows") and content
  • Watch on your laptop, TV, phone, or tablet
  • LIVE challenges and digital downloads
  • 2 Months FREE
  • kidYOUniversity Welcome Package 

What to Expect Once you Join...


First: Login

You will receive an email with your login info. Be sure to login and save your password. You will also receive an option to sign your young learner up for their own mission mail. It is recommended that they have their own email address (monitored by you) for mission mail. kidYOUniversity models and teaches digital literacy. All children are digital citizens in today's world. 

Next: Watch the Welcome Video

The Welcome Video will walk you through the world of kidYOUniversity. You will know where to start and how to choose the best experience for your young learner.

Then: Select Your First Program or Challenge

You will have different animated learning experiences to choose from. Let your young learner lead the way. Each course, which our kidYOU kids refer to as "Shows" is organized in a challenge format. There are daily missions. The animated character will act as a guide. 

You may also decide to start with a LIVE challenge that involves me and our kidYOU family. 

Finally: Let's Get Started!

Put 20 minutes a day into your schedule. Make sure that you have the accompanying book or journal for your selected experience! 

It's learning like you've never experienced before! 

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