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What schools leave out and kids need MOST


The first animated personal growth platform for kids.

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In KidYOUniversity, your child unlocks a new SUPERPOWER every month!

Watch on Any Device

The Animated Courses in KidYOUniversity are designed like challenges with daily missions. The content can be viewed on desktop, TV, tablet or mobile device.

Work at your own pace or with Support

Here's where things become EXTRA FUN with kidYOUniversity. Your young learner can take each course at their own pace or they can participate in a monthly challenge and complete their course with a group of other kidYOU kids (we call them "Besties"). They win prizes, are motivated daily, and it's all digital with no set meet-up time. You read that right! It's our unique system and it's incredible!

New Content Added Monthly

The kidYOUniversity has three tiers of content: The Mind Tier, The Heart Tier, and the Hands Tier.

In the Mind Tier, there are courses that help our young Besties to write and communicate. We have a focus on writing because it helps them to clarify their thoughts, process their ideas, and communicate their opinions and needs. 

The Heart Tier includes experiences that focus on important soft skills that schools leave out (Like Self-Love and How to Deal with Anxiety).

The Hands Tier-There are interactive books and journals that accompany each course. Although the physical books must be purchased separately, each digital version is provided.

Superpowers Loading

Imagine not having to wait until your 20s, 30s, or beyond to have the tools to deal with some of your most difficult moments? Today's child is not only a digital citizen but also a global citizen. They have experiences that expose them to much more than we ever were. KidYOUniversity simplifies the tough conversations and EMPOWERS children in a way that speaks to them!

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What people are saying...

T's Mom!

We Could Cry!! Thank you again! This is sooo needed! 


My 6-year-old son and I really enjoyed doing the KidYou Growth Mindset challenge together. Gahmya Drummond-Bey is pure magic.

Her genuine warmth and enthusiasm create an interactive learning experience that we both looked forward to each day. 

I really appreciated the variety of ways the information was presented and how hands-on many of the activities were.  Even after a long day of school and doing homework my son was excited to participate in the challenge each day for all 10 days.  We connected over many of the conversations and activities.  I watched him open up and his confidence grew throughout the process.  Even after the challenge ended, he has been applying the skills that he's learned.

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