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Why do kids Whine? (🎁 a FREE PRINTABLE)


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Contrary to popular belief, whining is not only for toddlers. Older kids whine and...(Wait for it) some adults do, too.  For children, whining often leads to tantrums, which can also be conducive to very unpleasant moments. But, what is whining all about? 

As a kidyouniversity community member, you are probably already aware of our stance on this. That's right...connection. (Feeling a bit lost? Take the Connection Languages Quiz here) And based on Adlerian Psychology, we've hit the nail on the head.

According to Adlerian Psychology, In the early 1900s, Austrian Psychologist Alfred Adler pushed for a stronger focus on a child's dignity and respect during a time when "A child should be seen and not heard" was a popular phrase being bounced amongst parents.  Adler's approach later led to the concept of positive parenting, which indicates that after a child's basic needs for survival are met, they begin to pursue belonging and significance. 

So, what does this mean? Well, whining is a way to get your attention. It's a way to connect with you and although it may not be the most positive way of doing this, it often works. In the end, the louder the whine and the bigger the tantrum, the more attention the child tends to receive.

However, all the child really wants is some "us" time.

If you have not yet taken our connection languages quiz or signed up for the connection course for kids, you can do so here. If you join the course now, your child will also receive both physical and digital mail that will empower them to connect with others in healthy ways! Yes, you read that correctly!! Actual, physical mail!

Diving in the course, will also help you to have the tools to have the most powerful experience with this weeks' freebie!

This week's freebie is a Connection Video, that's way better than watching Netflix, and will give you and your child an opportunity to discuss the following: (That's right, we have a guide for this, too!)

These concepts are also covered very thoroughly in the fun animated course! 


Wait...there's more!  You may also download the free coloring sheets here:
Download the Coloring Pages

Remember that whenever there seems to be negative actions and responses taking place, they all point toward an unmet need. Help one another to feel valued and you're off to a great start!

Feel free to use our Family Check-in questions to do a value check with each member of your family, especially now when everyone's returning back to school. Take 2 minutes to reconnect!

That's it for now! 

Sending you so much love and great energy!

Do remember to print the coloring sheets! They are extremely therapeutic for all involved!



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