What's your word for 2019?

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2019


Hi Bestie!

How are you today? 

I am AMAZING! Today, I'm really excited because I am thinking about my ONE WORD for 2019! Every new year, my mom likes to make resolutions. That means, she thinks of goals for the year. She usually makes a lot of goals.  Every year, one of her goals is to go to the gym and be more healthy.  

But, I have an idea! I am only going to create one word for 2019.  

This word will be my goal and it will help me to be a better person.

I am going to choose my word by thinking about things that I was not good at or things that made me sad last year.  

Here are some of my ideas:

Last year, I was very quiet and didn't have many friends. 

But, maybe that's because I didn't try to make friends.  If my word is "Friendship," then that will help me remember to make friends this year.

Oh! I have another idea! Last year, many of my friends did really cool things. But, sometimes I was sad because I didn't do anything special. If my word is "try," then that will help me to remember to try new things!

I like that! 

I love that!

Yes, my word for the year will be "try"! I will try lots of new things!

What's your word?

Think about it and tell your mom or dad what your word is!

You're the best friend in the whole world!


Your best friend,



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