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New Year Reflections and Goal-Setting

gahmya drummond-bey goalsetting for kids kidyouniversity visionboards for kids Jan 07, 2022

Can you believe it's already 2022? I'm in serious awe! This is my Jetsons' year.  Perhaps I'm dating myself, but when I was a kid, there was a popular television show named, "The Jetsons." It was futuristic. The woman who cleaned the family's home was actually a robot, there were flying cars, and meals that seemingly appeared from thin air. 



Well, I thought that's what things would be like in 2022. When I watched The Jetsons, I not only fantasized about what the world would be like today but how I would be. I spent a lot of my time as a child envisioning my future self. 


It's wild standing right now, in 2022, and thinking back on many of my visions, especially the things in my life that I either accomplished through consistent action or even manifested. 

As it's the beginning of the year, perhaps you have taken time to write down your own goals, your family goals, and perhaps even created a vision board. 


But, did you give the children in your life an opportunity to be a part of the process? Did you give them time to intentionally honor who they are now, show gratitude for the past, and create goals for the future?


Well, if not, don't fret. 

That's what your first Friday Freebie of the year is all about. 

2022 Reflection and Goal setting Guides for kids:

There are two different Reflection and goal-setting guides.

Although one could complete both guides, "My Big 2022" is for a slightly younger goal-setter.

Grab the Reflection and Goal-Setting Guides Here


There's more news!

I also have something very exciting to tell you. I've been working on something incredible for the past couple of months, but it's a vision that I've had since 2015. It's an animated learning space where children can develop emotional tools in a fun, mission-oriented way! 

Whew! I spent a lot of time and testing and it's here! The learning experiences are organized into 10-day challenges. Each challenge also has a beautiful challenge journal. Your child can take the challenge alone, or take it LIVE...with me! prizes! What??!?!?! This is what personal growth should be like!


We have a challenge every month and the first challenge begins February 1st!


Click the button below to join! (And lock in our introductory rate!)

Join the Growth Mindset Challenge


We're going to make a lot of magic together this year, I just know it!


Sending love and light!


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