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Mission Mail! (Growth Mindset Mail for kids) Let's Set a Goal, like Mom!


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Mission mail is Growth mindset mail for kids!!!

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Hey Bestie ,

How are you today? I am FABULOUS!!!

Today, I sat down with my mom and thought about my goals.

My mom is really great at making goals!

She has so many of them! I think she loves goals!

At kidYOUniversity, we learned that people who are successful make goals. For example, many great swimmers make goals to swim faster than before. Many famous singers make goals to sell more of their music than before.

Bestie, thinking of your goals is so much fun!! But, what’s even MORE FUN, is writing them down! Mom says that when we write our goals down, they become real!

So...today, I thought of one big goal for myself! This is not the same as my word for the year that I created before. My word for the year will help ME to grow.

But, my goal is about something that I want to do! 

Here are some of my ideas: I think it would be a lot of fun to start a YOUtube channel for kids who want to make their own business, like me! I would also like to have a goal to become better at gymnastics. I would also like to have my own cooking show.  I would also like to write my own book and be an author!

Oh, that’s it!! I have decided on my goal! I’m going to write a story and make a book! Then, I will publish it! I’m so excited about it!!

Goals are amazing!

I will make a poster all about my goal!

What is your mission?

Bestie, that’s your mission today!

What’s your goal? Make a poster about your goal and put it somewhere in your room. Make sure it’s in a place where you will see it every day! I taped my poster to my bedroom door and I LOVE IT!!

Have a FABULOUS day today, Bestie!! (I love the word “Fabulous!” It’s so fun to say! It’s one of my favorite words! Do you have a favorite word that you like to say?)

And remember...you’re SPECIAL!! There is no one on this entire EARTH who is exactly like you! Wow! You’re super cool!

Love ya,

Big Bestie



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