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Mission Mail! (Growth Mindset Mail for Kids) Age is Just A Number


Mission mail is Growth mindset mail for kids!!!

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Hey Bestie!!!

Welcome to today’s MISSION MAIL!!!

In our last email, we talked about our next BIG GOAL! Did you make your poster? Did you hang it on the wall? If not, where did you put it?

I created a poster of my goal to write my own story and I put it on the back of my door.

In kidYOUniversity, our teacher, Gahmya, told us that choosing a goal is just the beginning. It’s a great beginning, but it’s only a beginning.  

You have to commit to the goal.

That means you have to have a no excuses plan when you really want something.

To show our “no excuses” plan, we all decided to wear a band around our wrists. Every day I see this band, it means that I will have no excuses and I will work on my goal!

My friend, Ronnie, has his mom’s hair band around his wrist. Allahna is using a rubber band. But, I made a special one from the powerband sheet.  

You can use what you like to mean “No excuses!”

You can cut one of these to make a "No Excuses" bracelet! 

Print The Bracelets Here

Your Mission today is to Create a poster of your goal (if you didn’t already), Put it in a place where you can easily see if (If you haven’t already), put on a “No excuses” band, and take a picture showing your “No excuses” band! If your mom or dad allows, we would love to see your picture in the Unicorn Club, but you can also send your picture to a friend or family member who will be your Goal friend!

Have an awesome day today, Bestie!!

And remember…”Age is just a number”!!

You can achieve BIG goals now, even as a kid!

There is no one on this entire EARTH who is exactly like you! Wow! You’re super cool!

Love ya,

Big Bestie



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