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Mission Mail (for kids): You're an AMAZING listener!


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Mission mail is Growth mindset mail for kids!!!

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Hey Bestie!!!

How are you? I am having a great day today! This morning, I had some fun trying a new dish that my mom made. Remember, my word for 2019 is “Try.” At first, I didn’t want to eat anything new. I just wanted to have some oatmeal or pancakes. But, my mom is one of my goal buddies and she helped me to remember that my word for 2019 is “Try.”  

Because my word for 2019 is “Try,” that means I made a promise to myself to try new things!

So, I tried the dish!

Guess what? I liked it! I didn’t love it, but I liked it and that’s okay!

I feel good today because I tried something new.

I’m wearing my special Super mode cape today! Are you wearing yours? I made my cape by tying one of my dad’s old T-shirts around my neck!

I absolutely LOVE this cape!

Do you have a cape? You can use one of your old shirts or even a towel!

Okay, do you have your cape? I love to put a cape on when I’m about to do something amazing because now that I keep doing good things while wearing this cape, my cape has lots of good energy in it! It’s like Superman's super suit or Wonder woman’s super suit!

Their suits protect them and keep them safe, but also when they put their suits on their mind quickly thinks “Oh, yes! It’s time for me to do good into the world!  

Then, they start to do good things!

Okay, so now that we have on our super suits, it’s time for us to use our Connection power! Yes! Remember last time, we learned to connection languages.

We learned, “Feeling Valued” and “Feeling Seen.”

Remember, people have different connection languages that help them to feel even more amazing.

The connection language that works for me and makes me really happy may not work for you! But, right now, we’re just going to practice one of them!

Today’s mission is to help someone to “Feel Heard.” 

 When someone feels heard, they are happy because people have listened to their voice and what they have to say. People who feel loved when they are heard, love to tell stories, love to talk, and sometimes love to tell jokes or sing.  

Today, your goal is to be an AMAZING listener!

You are going to give someone a chance to be the star of the show and you are their audience. One way to help someone to feel heard is to ask them questions and listen carefully to what they have to say.  

You could do this by telling them about your day, asking them about their day, and listening carefully. 

Alright Bestie, you got this!

This is going to be amazing! Imagine how much happiness is going around the world right now because I am doing kind things, you are doing kind things, and other kids around the world are doing kind things!!

We are filling the world with kindness!


I can’t wait to get started and it’s going to be so much fun with my super mode cape on!!

Let’s get to it!!!

Have an excellent day today!!





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