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Mission Mail (for kids) : You are a Great Friend!


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Hey Bestie Hey!!!

Do you know what a healthy friendship is?

Okay, you know what it means to have a healthy body, right? When you have a healthy body, you eat lots of vegetables, you get lots of sleep at night, you drink lots of water, and you exercise three times a week! Those things help you to feel healthy. What things help you to feel unhealthy?

I feel unhealthy when I eat things like candy, sodas, not getting enough sleep, and also not getting enough exercise. 

Well, just like there are things that help us to have a healthy body and an unhealthy body, there are friendships that can be healthy and friendships that can be unhealthy.  

Healthy friendships are friendships that are good for you. Those types of friends are kindhelpful and help you to feel good about yourself. 

Friendships that are unhealthy are friendships that are not good for you. These friends are not always kind or helpful. These friends may treat you like you are not very important or special. 
That doesn’t mean that you and your friends can never be angry with one another. Some times we are angry with our friends. But, if we have a healthy friendship, we can talk about it, say  “I’m sorry,” to each other and keep showing each other lots of love.

That’s a great friendship! 

But, guess what? Sometimes, when we have friends for a long time, we forget to show them that they are special to us! So, today is “FEELING ADORED” Day! 

Feeling Adored is a connection language! That means it’s a way to show someone love! 
When you help someone to feel adored, you do something “only for them.”  

Some things that you can do to help someone to feel adored is to make them something with their name on it, write them a special letter, play with only them, or tell them how special they are and why you love them!

Alright, Bestie! You have a big mission today! You’re going to practice having a healthy friendship by helping one of your friends to feel adored today!

Help them to feel special and thank them for being your friend. 

And remember, a healthy friendship isn’t only about you helping others to feel adored, good friends help you to feel adored, too!

Oh, and bestie...Thank you so much for being my friend! Thank you for completing these missions with me! I adore you! 


Big Bestie!


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