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Mission Mail (for kids) : Who Can You Help Today?


Mission mail is Growth mindset mail for kids!!!

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Hey Bestie!!!

So...I have to be honest! Right now, I’m wearing a cape around my neck...again! I absolutely LOVE IT! It’s my cape, remember? Okay maybe it isn’t a “real” cape, but it’s real to me!

It’s actually one of my dad’s old T-shirts that I tied around my neck! I like to use his shirts because they are bigger than mine and I like my capes to be gigantic! Right now, I’m in Super mode! You could get in Super mode right now, too! You don’t have to use your dad’s T-shirt. You could use a towel or one of your old shirts!

Alright, are you in super mode, too? Woo-hoooooooo!!!

I can feel your super energy! It’s amazing! Just imagine if every single kid in the world got in super mode right now! Whoa! There would be some powerful energy going all around the entire planet!

Okay Bestie!

So now we’re in Super mode! Today we are going to dive back into our Connection languages!

Remember there are five! Last time, we talked about the connection languages, “Feeling Valued”, “Feeling Seen,” and “Feeling Heard” and we didn’t just talk about them...we got into ACTION and connected with people!

Wow! Remember, people who are successful aren’t just talkers, they are doers!

You are a doer! You are an action taker! You are someone who tries!! Yes!! I’m so happy to have you on my super team!!

Remember, people have different connection languages that help them to feel even more special, loved, and important.  Many people who have lots of friends and who are leaders are great at connecting with other people. Also, knowing what your connection language is will help you to know what makes YOU feel important and close to others.

Our connection languages are not all the same. The connection language that works for me and makes me really happy may not work for you!

But, right now, we’re just going to learn and practice them all!

Today’s connection language is “FEELING SUPPORTED.”

 There are some people who may receive lots of presents, but they don’t feel really loved or important unless people help them.  When they get help from others, they feel so special and they are so happy. They don’t like to have to do everything alone. But, sometimes, these people aren’t too good at asking for help.

So, you should just offer to help them if you say they need it.

What do you think are some ways to help someone to feel supported?

Hmm I am thinking that I could help my mom to clean the house or set the table. I could also help my grandmother by showing her new ways to use her phone.

What else could I do to help someone feel supported?

Oh, I could help my friend Allahna to make a fort and we could play in it.  She always wants to make forts.

Wow! I have so many ideas! I’m so glad you’re joining me in this! We are spreading so much LOVE around the whole planet!!

Your mission today is to help someone to FEEL SUPPORTED!!

Who could you do this for today?

 It could even be your mom, dad, friend, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandma, or grandpa.  Is there anyone you think would love to have someone help them just a little?

Alright Bestie , you got this! This is going to be amazing! Imagine how much happiness is going around the world right now because I am doing kind things, you are doing kind things, and other kids around the world are doing kind things!! We are filling the world with kindness!


I can’t wait to get started and it’s going to be so much fun with my super mode cape on!!

Let’s get to it!!!

Make your day MIRACULOUS today!!


Your Big Bestie


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