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Mission Mail (for kids) : Look at me! I'm Sugar-Free!


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Hey Bestie Hey!!!

How are you today?  I feel great!!


Do you want to know why? Of course, I’ll tell you! It’s because I didn’t eat sugar yesterday and I won’t eat anything with sugar in it today! 


I Quit Sugar and I feel like a superhero!


Do you know that many successful people quit sugar? 

That’s right! Many people you watch on TV or in movies, do not eat sugar!

Many doctors say that sugar actually changes our mood and takes away our energy!

Are you ever cranky or mean sometimes?

Sometimes this happens after we have sugar!

Wow! When you don’t eat sugar even for just one day, you feel so much better! 


If you have a test or a quiz, try not eating sugar for a day before taking it!

You can think more clearly!


No sugar for meeeee!!!


Alright Bestie! It’s time for your mission!!

Today's Mission:

Today’s mission is to be a "No Sugar" superhero!!! 

Try your best not to eat sugar! You have to be strong, but I know you can do it! 




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