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Mission Mail (for kids) : How was your day?


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Hey Bestie Hey!!!!

Let’s talk about the question, “How was your day?”

It’s pretty boring, right? And, sometimes we are asked this same question every single day! Well, the reason why people ask you this is because they want to know what happened today.

They want to make sure you’re okay and they want to know more about you.

“How was your day” is a question that we ask people we love and care about. But, I get it. Sometimes, we just don’t want to answer that question and that’s okay! 


So, I’m going to give you some questions you can ask other people instead of, “How was your day?” and if someone asks you “How was your day” and you don’t want to answer it, you can say, How about I tell you____________, and you answer one of these fun questions, okay? 


Here are the questions:

  • “What Can I learn from you today?”

(Ask this and the person you are talking to and teach you something new. It can even be something fun or funny!)


  • “What superpower do you wish you had today?”


  • “What confused you today?”


  • “What new thing did you try today?”


  • “What made you laugh today?”


  • “Who was kind to you today?”

Your Mission:

Dear absolutely AMAZING BESTIE, Today, your mission is to ask everyone the question, “What superpower do you wish you had today?” and if someone asks you “How was your day?” You can say to them, “Can I tell you the superpower I wish I had today?” and let them know!


Hmm...I should probably answer this question myself, right?

Okay! If I had a superpower today, It would be to have super speed reading power! I read a lot of books today and I wish I could have finished them even faster!!


Okay Bestie,

Ask everyone you love that question. “What superpower do you wish you had today?”


Love you loads and loads and loads!!


Big Bestie, Gahmya


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