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Mission Mail (for kids) : Do one kind thing today


Mission mail is Growth mindset mail for kids!!!

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Hey Bestie!!!

Welcome to today’s MISSION MAIL!!!  

What an exciting day it is!!

How are your goals going?  On our last mission, we started to work on some of our BIG BIG goals!

Thinking about your goals every day is important! Successful people think about their goals every single day. They also think of ways they can make the world a better place!

People who do great things really care about making the world better.

Let’s look at the basketball player LeBron James! Did you know that he opened a school for kids because he wanted more kids to have a better education? Wow!

Malala Yousafzai has done great things as well! She fights for education for girls.  She lives in a country named “Pakistan,” where many girls are not allowed to go to school.

Malala thought this was not fair and has helped many girls to go to school and learn.

Sydney created “Sydney’s book club”! She likes to read books and has a facebook page and a youtube channel where she talks about books to other kids. She also sends books to schools so that young kids can have different kinds of books to read.

You know what? You are just as special as all of these people. They just decided to take action. Taking action can be a big thing like opening your own school the way LeBron James did or a smaller step like reading books to kids, like Sydney!

At Kidyouniversity today, Gahmya told us that every day we get to choose to do an amazing action. You don’t have to be amazing to take amazing action.

All you have to do is try.

So, today, our mission is to make a difference by taking one action today.  Just one thing.

My one action will be to write a letter to five people to make them smile. I’m going to write because I love to write and I think writing is one of my superpowers!

I want to write people letters because I think the letters will make them happy and when they are happy, they will do nice things for other people, too!

Wow! This is going to be a lot of fun!

Bestie! Your mission today is to do one thing to put some happy energy into the world.

How will you make a difference?

Have a phenomenal day today, Bestie!!

And remember…”Good things happen for people who do good things”!! There is no one on this entire EARTH who is exactly like you! Wow! You’re super cool!

Love ya,

Big Bestie



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