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Learning about Connection in Nature * (FREE PRINTABLES inside)*

This article includes a FREEBIE!

As parents, educators, family members, and people interacting with children, we tend to wonder about ways to offer them value.  Some people connect to children with ease. Whether they are humorous in a way that encourages children to feel comfortable, whether there is simply instant chemistry, or they simply seem to understand a particular child. 

But, what if something feels...off? 

What if there is a child who seems to just not quite make you feel like you are "mothering" right? (Whatever that means!) Or the classroom that you just consistently feel like you're failing. Or the child you have been noticing seems to just be in need of...something...but you can't quite put your finger on it. 

What do you do? 

Where do you start?

There's a saying, "There's nothing new under the sun," and I'll admit, that saying used to trigger me...BIG TIME! (Especially when I was younger!) It seemed to be said mostly when I had a new idea or concept that I was excited about and used in a way to devalue my "discovery." But, I've come to learn how powerful this saying is.

You see, now, "There's nothing new under the sun," means that there are always clues all around us. There are lessons. There are confirmations.  

I find these often as I mingle with other cultures as a world traveler and as I experience nature. 

Today, a lesson discovered out in nature reminded me of just how vital connection and having a valued role in a family, community, or tribe (read "group of friends" in reference to children) is for us all.

Are you familiar with the Research Study, "Rat Park"?

Rat Park is a research study that was conducted in the 1970s. There were groups of rats that were placed in a community of other rats that were given access to the drug, heroin.  Then, there were rats that were placed in isolation with the same access to the heroin drug. 

I'm sure you can guess what happened...the rats that existed in a community never touched the heroin. 

The rats that were in isolation did. 

Connection is EVERYTHING for us all. It is everything. 

Connection and feeling important matters to animals. It matters to children who experience a disruption in their lives. It matters to children who have stable, happy families. It matters to all children. It matters to you. It matters to me. 

For today's FREEBIE, we have some beautiful Connection Tabs for your family.

You can use them as a family or encourage your child to use them with friends. 

How it works:

Simply choose a daily task and make it your mission for that day. 

Grab the Connection Tabs Here


It's never too early to create intentional connection in your child's life.  These Connection tabs are a great start, a beautiful beginning, and also a reminder that indeed there is nothing new under the sun.




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