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Introducing Mission Mail Delivered to your home!!



Happy Love Week! 

Spreading LOVE and regularly giving our children loving experiences is definitely our jam at kidYOUniversity! In fact, we have recently added sending actual mail and goodies to our little besties as apart of our model! 

All of the Little Besties who are members of our monthly membership, Unicorn Club, automatically receive mission mail each month.

The unicorn club is our membership portal where new content is regularly added (Last month the Bathroom Besties album was added to the portal! )

We love the affirmations there and we love seeing children rocking out to them!

The Unicorn Club members receive monthly mission mail sent to their homes for free! This also often includes kidyouniversity T-shirts, books, and cute hair clips depending on what we learn from the parents. (That's right, we follow many of our little unicorn bestie's parents on social media and take notes on what our little besties may want/need.  We also love to have little chats with you because we are a village.)

What's new?

Well, we've decided to offer Mission Mail to EVERYONE, even those who are not in the unicorn club. 

Right now, you can join the mission mail club for only $10 per month.

We will be increasing the price soon, as we will begin our first marketing campaign and open kidYOU to the world! But, we also want to say a huge THANK YOU to you for being a part of our kidYOU family! 

You can join the MISSION MAIL fam by clicking the blue link below:

Grab Mission Mail here

Here's what's been said about Mission Mail so far:


Yay! We can't wait to add you to our village of LOVE! 




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