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Initiating Daily Conversations with Kids


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"How was your day?" is a typical question, right? We all ask it.  However, it's a question that we can ask our children and our kids every single day and still not know much about their experiences.  There is a list of much more connective questions that will actually get your children talking and will give them more freedom to welcome you into their worlds. 

Give the following questions a try:

1.) What can I learn from you today?

2.) Who was kind to you today?

3.) What superpower do you wish you had today?

4.) What made you laugh today?

5.) What confused you today?

6.) What new thing did you try today?


Need a reminder?

Grab the following graphic and save it to your phone or computer. 


One of our followers shared the graphic with her audience. Check out what she had to say about her experience with her 14-year-old son below:


Now, it's time for today's FREEBIE! 

We LOVE to give away weekend freebies! This freebie includes a video tutorial and a download to create a Fortune Teller! This fortune teller is perfect for connecting with your child and will help your child to connect with others! Is your child going back to school soon? This fortune teller includes a fun game that will give your child an opportunity to share kind experiences with other family members or kids.  

Practice playing with the fortune teller at home and allow them to use it as an icebreaker during free time, on the bus, or even at lunchtime (if games are permitted.)

It will offer a great icebreaker and way to connect with others. (Perfect for kids ages 6-12). There are even blank fortune tellers, which allows them to customize the game.



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Happy Connecting!!!

~Kidyou Team



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