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Helping Children to Build Healthy Friendships.

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“Children raised with good boundaries learn that they are not only responsible for their lives, but also free to live their lives any way they choose, as long as they take responsibility for their choices. For the responsible adult, the sky is the limit.” ~Henry Cloud

When speaking with teens, I ask, "What are your core values in a friendship?" I also ask, "what trust agreements have you set with your group of friends?" When speaking to young children, I ask, "What makes a good friend?" I also ask, "How do you know when someone is not being a good friend to you or if you are not being a good friend?" To both groups, I ask, "What do you do or say when someone is not being a good friend to you anymore?" 

Friendships are extremely important. 




The Friendship promise is a great opportunity for your child to sit down with their close friends and really discuss friendship and healthy ways they will treat one another. 

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