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Help Kids Win Back-to-School with Goal-Setting

As major encouragers in kids' lives, whether as parents or teachers, we do our best to support them emotionally and academically. We want them to thrive, right?

Back to school is always a special time that is filled with mixed emotions. Kids and teens tend to have some level of excitement for what is to come, but that excitement is also coupled with a bit of anxiety. 

Well, one way to deal with such anxiety is to remind them of how much of their experience can be within their control. 

I remember being in Tallinn, Estonia just last year and sharing a story, with a group of teens, about attending my first conference years ago in Bali. It was quite expensive and I wanted to get the most out of it, so I sat down and made a list of ways that I wanted to grow. I was a bit shy, so I gave myself a goal of speaking to a certain number of people daily. I mapped out the types of friends I wanted to make and how I would identify them. I then created a learning goal and would seek out ways to learn and people who could help me learn.

I then asked the teens how they could use this same tactic in school. What could you learn from each teacher that will help you now? (Sometimes we also learn what we don't want to do from others, as well.) I can remember a few of the teens in tears and telling me that they had friends who needed to know this sort of goal-setting because they felt like school was "useless." 

We know the power of vision boarding and goal-setting. We all thrive when we see our plans on paper. I tell my students that when we write our goals, we send them as direct messages to the sky.

For this week's FREE printable, we are giving you some of our favorite goal-setting guides that can be used for kids and teens. 

The first guide is suitable for teens.

To maximize their experience, complete one yourself and hold one another accountable. 

This following printable is for kids.

Make a copy and send it along with them to school. This would be a great way for them to introduce themselves to their teacher. In fact, if you can, you may print out a couple for the entire class. What a beautiful way to connect. 

Not too long ago, I saw a viral video on Facebook that showed a father who'd recorded a video asking his daughter the same questions on the first day of school until she graduated. It was a beautiful way to watch her grow! Keep this guide and make it a yearly practice. If school has already begun for your young ones, it still isn't too late to take time to create a vision for a phenomenal year!

Grab the Goal-Setting Guides Here

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