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Dear Evolved Teacher, What Would You Say to "Just Starting" You?



Dear Evolved Teacher,

Yep! That's you! Anyone who is dedicated to being a partner or guide to our beautiful children as they navigate this life experience is an evolved teacher. As you know, the work that you do for yourself is just as vital as the experiences that we want for our children.

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Today’s affirmation is

“I honor my most authentic self by allowing her to shine.”

Dear Evolved Teacher,

Today we’re going to dive into remembering our authentic selves.  If you are your authentic self, you have no competition. A great part of the unique value that you offer those around you in life, and in business, is the opportunity to connect with you on a pure level. However, many of us often trade in our authenticity for approval.

If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would it say?

Here’s my letter to my younger self.

Dear Twenty-Five-year-old Gahmya,

Right now you’re a Peace Corps Volunteer in Turkmenistan.  You’ve just had your heart massively broken by someone you were sure to be “The One” and you’ve seen so many of your world views shift after living abroad.  Right now, you still think you’re going to pursue a profession in the medical field although you’re also starting to ask… “What if?”

It may not seem that way now, but your “What ifs” are your greatest guides. You question them because they don’t present you with a full plan or system, but they give you just enough… wonder.

Here’s something I want you to know with life, it’s like driving a car at night.  Sometimes, you can only see what’s just in front of you, but you can take the whole journey that way.  I want you to know that you make the best decisions. Trust yourself first. Look within before seeking without.  And take care of yourself. You will do amazing things in this life and it will take who you are right now to do it.

You already are, have, and know all you need- most.  

With love,

Now Gahmya

Dear Evolved Teacher, Today’s mission is to reflect upon a conversation with your younger self.  Perhaps it’s you just upon the brink of adulthood. Perhaps it’s you...just as you enter the teaching profession (even if that was simply a few months ago.)  If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would it say?

That’s it for today!  I would love to hear about any Aha moments that you may have had! Tag and hashtag Evolved teacher and let me know.

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