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Dear Evolved Teacher, Honor the Moments That Shaped You


Dear Evolved Teacher,

Yep! That's you! Anyone who is dedicated to being a partner or guide to our beautiful children as they navigate this life experience is an evolved teacher. As you know, the work that you do for yourself is just as vital as the experiences that we want for our children.

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Today’s affirmation is

“Not even this will stop me.”

Dear Evolved Teacher,

Being yourself is the bravest action and the greatest act.

I'm so proud of you for being committed to allowing others to truly connect to the true you!

So, welcome back to the Grand Authenticity party!  This is a party unlike any other. You know, the kind of party that you leave with your armor off and your heart open. I just love that type of party! This is a party for souls to meet other souls. You can let your inner-child out here.

In fact, I'm going to ask you to do just that right now.  Allow your inner child to come out. Your inner child is that part of you who is confident, fearless, and eager to play full out in all of the things that you enjoyed before you were told that you shouldn’t or couldn’t.

People often view children as vulnerable.  But, we have come to know them as the strongest parts of ourselves.  Connecting with your inner child is a powerful and strong experience.

Today, I’m going to discuss one life-changing event or travel experience that flipped my world upside down.

Things for me changed during my first year as an educator. Interestingly enough, that year I’d decided that I wanted to actually put effort into being more connected to my feminine energy and “Softening.” Yep, I made it a goal. I was the person who NEVER cried...ever. Especially not when watching movies, no matter how "sad."

I would sit with friends and envy them as their tears would flow down their cheeks. I would actually exhale during the rare moments when I would feel emotional because it was proof that I could truly feel. I knew that years and years of having to be tough and the go-to person, even as a kid, compelled me to suppress my emotions. I was too busy to feel. But, as I grew older, I desperately wanted to. 

One thing that really helped me was working with children. They breathe love into every experience.

Another thing was pushing myself to receive. It started with compliments. I made myself not only say, "Thank you," but to press down on someone's hand, touch their shoulder, or lock eyes with them to really honor the moment.

I realized that I'd been taught to focus on what could make me better rather than honoring the beauty of what "is."

Dear Evolved Teacher, Your mission today is two-fold. Today, as you prepare to start your day or bring it to a close, reflect upon a moment that has truly shifted you and offer it gratitude.  Also, remember that as you walk around navigating the world today, you are playing a role in someone else’s story. What do you think that story would be?

That’s it for today!  I would love to hear about any Aha moments that you may have had! Tag and hashtag Evolved teacher and let me know.

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