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Dear Evolved Teacher, Do You Know How to Have the Perfect Day? (Autosuggestion)

Dear Evolved Teacher,

Yep! That's you! Anyone who is dedicated to being a partner or guide to our beautiful children as they navigate this life experience is an evolved teacher. As you know, the work that you do for yourself is just as vital as the experiences that we want for our children.

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Dear Evolved Teacher,

Today, I want to talk about “Autosuggestion.”

“Autosuggestion” is a technique in which one attracts success, the state of flow, and other pleasurable outcomes with the power of the mind.

Visualizing your ideal day is a way of auto-suggesting to your brain the actions that you would like to occur and how you would like to respond to daily tasks.

Napoleon Hill dedicates an entire chapter to “autosuggestion” in Think and Grow Rich.  

Today, I would like to share this power with you.  This exercise is best completed in the morning before your day begins.  However, it can also be done the night before the next day.

Yesterday, I discussed my night routine with you and one part of my night routine is visualizing the next day taking place absolutely perfectly.  

Let me show you how this looks.

Right now, It’s 9:43 pm and I’m sitting in a condo in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m not quite ready for bed, yet. But, let’s pretend that I was.  I am in the middle of launching a program for kids to help parents to identify their connection languages.  So, my day tomorrow will consist of scripting a podcast episode for kids, writing newsletters and articles to highlight the importance of connection language, editing the foreword of my best friend’s book, which releases in September, responding to tons of emails, redesigning an instagram feed, and connecting with my mastermind group.  

So, now it’s time to use “autosuggestion to envision all of these things taking place as my ideal day.”  Here’s how I would envision it all happening.

I will begin by saying, “I will use the power of my mind today to create in absolute love, joy and alignment tomorrow. In order to have the day that I desire, I will first...(now, I don’t actually say these things verbally, but I think them as I play the movie in my mind.)  I will first wake up at 7 am and enjoy a green smoothie. I will then, grab a bottle of water and head to the gym. I will see regulars there and we will greet one another as I head to the elliptical. I will spend 40 minutes on the elliptical while listening to Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson on Audio afterwards, I will do a bit of lifting Crossfit style, work my abs, do a bit of stretching, then head home.

The weather is absolutely lovely on the way home and I feel like a champ.  I’m also filled with energy! After an amazing shower, I will enjoy brunch with my partner before diving into my creativity for the day.

I’m going to start with an article I would like to pitch to O magazine. The words flow with ease and I’m so glad that I decided to dive into this first.  After writing the article, I spend an hour scripting the kidYOUniversity podcast. Then, I drink another green smoothie and have a moment of gratitude. I then write two newsletters for the kidyouniversity website.  The words flow. I feel so connected to my audience. Now, it’s time to meditate. I dive into my favorite meditation by Joe Dispenza before editing the foreword. I snack as I do this, as I tend to feel a bit hungry after meditating.  Then, I enjoy a meal with my partner before he and I have fun masterminding about our businesses. At night, I play with creating graphics and posts for my instagram feed. Then, I have fun engaging and interacting with my students all over the world.

Dinner is light and nourishing.  

As I shower, I repeat my favorite mantra and feel myself being filled with love.

I express gratitude before resting with ease.

Alright, Evolved Teacher! Now, it’s your turn! Your mission today is to envision your day going perfectly if it’s the beginning of your day.  If you’re at the end of your day, envision tomorrow. Walk through your day just as you would love for it to occur!

That’s it for today!  I would love to hear about any Aha moments that you may have had! 

Pure Love and Light to you!

~Gahmya Drummond-Bey

       Founder of KidYOUniversity


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