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Connection Languages Quiz for kids! (And a FREEBIE)

How old were you when you read your first book on personal growth, watched your first video, or even decided to attend your first personal-growth related event? 

Do you remember the event that compelled you to seek guidance or more information? 

Imagine being better equipped for the obstacles that challenged you.  Imagine building your resilience muscle earlier. Imagine knowing not only how you love others, but how you need to be loved at a much earlier age.  Imagine. 

Right now, there’s a child in you who may be triggered based off of what was not received years ago.  But, things will be different for your child. Your child has the ability to be taught not only what they deserve, but to also know what it looks like when they are and are not receiving the love they need. 

Feelings are everything with children. They may not have the ability to verbalize what they want or desire, but they know what they feel. 

 Empowering your child to understand what brings them the most positive feelings will help them to lead healthy lives.   They will begin to stand up for their own emotional needs, and feel better understood and connected to their family members.

Remember, your child’s connection language may change over time and they may request different acts of love from you.  Their connection language highlights the acts of love that your child feels most connected to right now.

So, now you may be asking, "Well how do I know what my child's connection language is?" 

Taking our Connection Language Quiz with your child will be a great way for you to begin to understand ways to best connect with your child. The quiz will also serve as a great conversation piece for you to begin to discuss with your child ways that they connect with others and ways that others may also seek and respond to connection. 

Dive into the quiz here!


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