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Welcome to KidYOUniversity: The Personal Growth Platform Exclusively for kids

Imagine if your child didn't have to wait until they were in their late 20s or 30s to learn self love, ways to develop a healthy mindset, and how to live happy, fulfilled lives...We've got you covered!

Our Mission

At kidYOUniversity, we're on a mission to help you raise confident, happy, resilient kids.


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"These are things I struggled with and want to teach my kids." ~kidYOU Mom

Fun digital courses, comics, bedtime meditations, and challenges created for a child's attention span.

Benefits of our Resources

Mindset & Representation

Schools are currently preparing children for jobs that will no longer exist. In spaces where emotional and life skills are taught, diversity is often limited. We focus on emotional intelligence, growth mindset and grit, while representing children of color.

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A Sense of Purpose

Child suicide, disconnection, and loneliness has reached an all time high worldwide. Providing fun content that encourages and supports children to develop skills that they can apply immediately gives them a sense of value and importance. 

Healthy Digital Citizenship

Today's children are not only global citizens, but digital citizens as well. We prepare children to be global leaders by providing them with innovative ways to use different forms of technology. 



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