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Features of the Curriculum

Each month, animated courses and challenges are uploaded to the membership platform.

Emotional Intelligence

In a few years, the jobs that many of our children are being prepared for will not exist.  Focusing on building their emotional intelligence and growth mindset is an important component of the kidYOU experience.

Live Your Learning

We believe in supporting your child's curiosities that lead to them achieving their  The concept of Dreaming Awake is a pillar of the kidYOU experience.  Our students are writers, speakers, and course creators...right now.

Digital Citizenship

Today's students are not only global citizens, but also digital citizens.  We prepare students to be global leaders by creating innovative ways for them to learn and engage using different forms of technology.  

The online YOUniversity where your child discovers the best in education and personal growth.

Transformational Education for kids.

The kidYOUniversity Learning Model

Text materials are bestselling books created by kidYOUniversity staff and tested by students worldwide. The kid-tested, parent approved materials are also accompanied with animated videos that guide the students through the experiences.

Students learn soft skills, such as how to battle negative beliefs, conflict resolution, and mindset shifting from some of the best coaches and teachers worldwide. The aim is to empower children with personal growth tools to develop a lifestyle while they are still young.

The educators on the platform are top performers in everything they teach.  They are also focused on empowering the students to lead in each area, themselves. Your child is more capable than they have ever been taught to believe!

"Lovely courses and platform for kids. Beautifully animated! I am sure lots of effort was put in the making of the courses and animations!"

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